Written by Cory Woof
Drawn by Brent M. Wilde

Chapter One
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"Awakened once, but never more
Magic and hubris brought and bore
That which lays beyond the veil
And in this fight I shall not fail

To keep it locked away in time
This rueful quest is but mine
Removing magic is my deed
Controlling which upon it feeds

If in the depths the creature stirs
Countless deaths bound to occur

Awakened once, but never more
And, so I live upon deaths door"
-The Litch

What we have here is the website of Brent Wilde (2014).
This site is here to share the Comics and Games designed by Brent,
as well as showcase his Design Portfolio. But not all of this site is Brent.
Where needed you'll find the credits for the people he has worked with and for.
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