Yoc is a young elf with the dream of one day becoming a famous bard. There's just one problem -
he has no talent. But when Yoc finds a mysterious book of spells, his lack of talent extends beyond the musical and into the realm of arcane.
Now, with his unintentionally conjured (and unfortunatly smart-mouthed) Fireball, Yoc ignites a chain of events that will lead them both down a dark and dangerous road...

A Science Fiction Comic with Art & Story by Brent Wilde.
In space, no one can hear you clean. Well, that's not true.
The Agents of the Planetary Wipes use big blasting guns to clean.
So, I'm sure you'd hear something. A zap and a scream at least.

Jim is not exactly a saint... or a role model... or much a nice guy. He's that jerk we all know
and have to love (put up with). Full him on this adventures through bindge drinking and mistakes in romance.

A collection of comics I've work on with with a bunch of different people.
I'll only post the work I've taken driect control on, so follow the links to final products.

What we have here is the website of Brent Wilde (2014).
This site is here to share the Comics and Games designed by Brent,
as well as showcase his Design Portfolio. But not all of this site is Brent.
Where needed you'll find the credits for the people he has worked with and for.
Oh, and please don't steal the art on this page. That's just not cool.
Contact Brent and he'd be more then happy to work with you on your ideas and projects.